While we await the iPhone .. interesting to see Google’s strategy ..

This, from a press release back in March ..

Reading between the lines

a) The operative word is ‘pre installed’

b) On specific devices ..

c) One click access to Google search through an icon in the application menu i.e. search is still the main driver for Google

d) The services are Google maps, Gmail and Blogger

I am not sure what this means in context of other Google announcements – like SMS gone wild – but what is interesting is

a) Synergies with device manufacturers

b) An emphasis on search and

c) One click access to search

I have said before that devices are going to be the key drivers in future .. And ultimately the customer – because we decide if we want one click access to Google from a device or not ..

It leads to a broader question of: Is Google’s search better than other forms of search from a Mobile device. With location via GPS, the device is capable of doing location based searches – and that combined with search offers interesting possibilities ..