Vodafone betavine ..


Dan Appelquist pointed me out to Vodafone Betavine.

Dan is a good friend and I know he has been working with Vodafone betavine along with Stephen Wolak of Vodafone, so I decided to have a look at it

Vodafone has attempted to create a developer program before – but has had limited success. Vodafone betavine, however is a bit different from the rest, and hence it is of interest to me.

For starters, it a relatively small project supported by a group of enthusiasts within Vodafone Group R and D. Hence, it does not have a ‘corporate’ feel to it. Rather, it has a more ‘community’ feel to it – which is a good thing!

Vodafone betavine has a simple, web based signup process. Thus, it does not suffer from the same issues as many of the other Operator developer programs do. It is hence more suited to long tail apps – i.e. a simple, quick way to get working with Vodafone. At the deployment end, the process is also simple i.e. a showcase where you can show off your application.

I know Dan has been featuring some betavinne apps on his blog – and I will too. So, the apps are definitely getting exposure – both in and out of Vodafone betavine

When I spoke at IMS world in Monaco, I said that there are not enough women and pony tails in this industry. Vodafone Betavine seems to be an attempt to at least attract the later (the pony tails i.e. developers) to the industry.

Strategically, as this initiative grows up, you would have an opportunity to learn many new things first hand.

For me, the most exciting thing is APIs. It is certainly worth joining and contributing for that reason alone i.e. a first hand look at some of the very interesting developments happening at the R and D front/API front.

So, I will be definitely watching this initiative and also blogging about it

Have a look at Professor Mike Walker, Vodafone Group R&D Directorwelcome note and you will get a feel about why I say it is different. I think an initiative like this coming from a major Operator should be supported. Hence, I recommend you should have a look at Vodafone Betavine HERE

I think with the entry of Google and Apple in the mobility space, developer programs are (finally!) getting to be important for the industry – and it’s about time!