Totalitarian governments enter the digital age .. but how can they ban SMS?

The Pakistan government now tries to ban ‘IPTV, Mobile TV’ (video content on the internet and TV on mobile phones) in addition to ‘direct to home’ television services quoting that ‘circumstances exist which render it necessary to take immediate action’ translation : a movement for democracy!

Question is: How exactly are they going to ban SMS?

That’s why P2P is so disruptive ..

They will learn from the fate of other regimes that times have changed and there is no going back to state control of information ..


  1. Paul Ruppert says:

    Totalitarian governments, as well as those that follow the rule of law, can psychologoically “chill” a populace in their rights to “free speech through text.” How? Each SMS sent can be read. Something rarely discussed, but very real and simply accomplished. And with the advent of more powerful observing technologies, such as mobile phones, and “citizen journalism” the real threat to liberty is not BIG Brother, but many little brothers.