They are live twittering about me in my keynote .. Is this a first?

I have not seen this before. I am giving a keynote at Innsbruck at the Microlearning conference. The conference organizers have set up a Twitter session and there is a whole backchannel going on about the talks! Interesting.. I have seen live blogging .. But live twittering is a first …


  1. Live twittering is really a variant on something that has been going on for quite some time – an open IRC channel during a conference. The Association of Internet Researchers conferences (we’re at #8 this fall) is one place where I have seen this. Like so many “new” ideas, Twitter, is really more of an evolution of existing technology. In this case, a AJAX/Web version of IRC, with a much more fractionated set of channels than was ever manageable on IRC (and that was, of course, pretty fractional…)

  2. Ian Delaney says:

    We had live Jaiku commenting at NMK Forum. Embrace the European alternative. ;)