The Masai warrior with a mobile phone


I had the pleasure of meeting David Cushman yesterday. Although we have met briefly before, it was great to catch up with David in London.

I follow David’s views and his blog. He told me this amusing story.

David had gone to Tanzania and was meeting the Masai warriors there; in traditional dress and spears in hand.

Suddenly, a phone started to ring.

And it was the warrior!

He quickly whipped out his phone from under his robes .. And was off speaking to someone ..

It seems that the Masai use the phone to ‘find water’ – i.e. where should they take their cows next.

I found this a fascinating story!

Considering my belief for mobile phones causing a social transformation in Africa

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  1. Chris Vail says:

    The thin client model of mobile networks is far more practical for low capital societies than desktop PCs running expensive bloatware and requiring air conditioning. The hand held device should become “invisible”, as we focus on delivering services over the net.

  2. Rachel Tallon says:

    I would like to know if I could reproduce this image of a Maasai with a cell phone in a PPT presentation. I am doing an educational presentation to non-profits about not ‘freezing’ people in time, but showing them adapting to new technologies as they see fit.
    I would appreciate using this great photo as an illustration of that.
    Rachel Tallon