SMS gone wild – Google – A welcome change to the Mobile data industry ..

When I used to work with ERP systems before, there were many times we had to create ‘test data’. With my weird sense of humour, I would create a dummy movie in the test data called ‘Debbie does Dulwich’. Its amazing when you demoed that data to a group, some of the most conservative accountants would have a smile on their face … The title of course is derived from a porn movie title called Debbie does Dallas

Thus ..

When I saw Eric Schmidt use the words ‘SMS gone wild’ – the first thing to strike me was the association Girls gone wild ..

I doubt that Eric would have the same sense of coded humour with my Debbie does Dulwich test data .. And you might say I have a naughty mind .. I still think that a bit of party atmosphere in this rather boring industry(Mobile data) is most welcome :)

The arrival of Google and Apple to the Mobile data industry – would add a much welcome dynamism to the Mobile Data Industry

May we see more of it!

At least one other person (Tomi Ahonen) made the same connotation .. so it’s not just me who has a naughty mind :)