Opera mini v.s. the iPhone ..

Nice video : ) Opera mini v.s. the iPhone ..


  1. bluderfok says:

    It’s sort of a shame that iPhone will only use safari as its browser
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  2. Thomas says:

    Just gave it a try on my Windows Mobile 5 smartphone. Got to the Agreement page, and everything just hangs. Had to do a reset on my phone. Needs more testing.

  3. Andrew says:

    I have been a big fan of opera mini 2/3 and used them frequently. However the new version 4 is absolutely awful, loading full web pages into a 176×220 sized screen that appears with only —- lines, coupled with slow zooming and panning, Breaks the very innovation that I enjoyed with your previous versions. Please stop trying to copy the iPhone and do what your best at, condensing the web into a quick mobile digestible information browser.
    When you open any web page,
    no one wants to look at this,
    I want TEXT I can Read! Not PC view!
    — — [ ] — — — – —-
    — — —- [ ] —– –
    Opera, you broke your best feature.
    I will NOT be using Opera 4.

  4. Jason says:

    Opera 4 has the same old interface you are used to, just go to options fit to screen.
    And not all phones are 176×220 as you say. Run opera on a treo for a gorgeous 320×320