My talk at the European Parliament on the O Reilly Radar + Barrack Obama on net neutrality ..

Many thanks to Tim O Reilly for covering my talk at the European Parliament on the O Reilly Radar

My comments on the O Reilly blog as below. Watch this space!!


Yes, there is definitely a lot of interest in the Web 2.0 space (and by extension Mobile Web 2.0) from many members of the European Union.

I think we will see more from the European Union in this space.

I viewed my talk as a catalyst – i.e. setting the right framework (perspective of Web 2.0 and Mobile Web 2.0) and asking the right questions (the future is about Identity, mobile, Open Gardens, open source, WiFi/Wimax etc etc)

Like I said in my talk, I was pleasantly surprised that many more ideas came from the MEPs – especially in the Q and A sessions.

One such idea was from Malcolm Harbour MEP – who talked about the idea of ‘democratise’ i.e. for instance using Web 2.0 techniques to interact with grassroots members of the public. Piia-Noora Kauppi MEP has a video blog. And Bartho Pronk of the European commission also added insights by covering the whole spectrum (both good and the risk factors).

As I write this, I see a new report featured at the BBC which says Government must do more to embrace Web 2.0 tools and communities

So, – we can expect a lot more here.

With a blog like ‘OpenGardens’ you would definately expect me to talk about Open systems, Web, Open Standards, Open source, Net neutrality etc etc ..

The difference now is: Web 2.0 is mainstream and also there is a direct, tangible benefit to politicians interacting with the people.

I gave many examples of Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and others in my second(breakfast talk) to the MEPs(which included demos)

I think many are watching the American election very closely now – and especially with the use of Web 2.0 techniques.

There is one classic clip I used from Barrack Obama where he talks of ‘net neutrality’. This is what I call Long tail campaigning i.e. Net neutrality is an issue which is of vital importance to many people – but its unlikely that Barrack Obama will use it in a face to face campaign. However, he has this classic clip on You Tube which I used

(well worth seeing if you have not seen it)

Finally, I am glad that the Kamala Bhatt interview got the coverage it deserves. I even email Kamala offline to say that – I am surprised how this had been missed by the blogosphere. It took me more than two hours to create a summary on my blog – and with 31 bullet points, it was very well worth it

Considering this was not my usual audience .. I was truly happy with the feedback and with the many more new friends I have made ..

So, yes, expect a lot more in this space!

Kind rgds



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