Mobile Web 2.0 applications: France Telecom and BT 21CN ..

This morning I was on a panel with Martin Duval Director Business Development – France Telecom and Jean-Marc Frangos SVP Technology and Innovation British Telecom Group at the California tech showcase in La Baule in France.

Both BT and France Telecom are doing some great work .. And they are each best of breed Operators in their respective segments(France Telecom for convergence and BT for network abstraction/21 CN)

Martin pointed me to three Mobile Web 2.0 applications which Orange Labs / Fance Telecom are working on ..

Pikeo Photos and geo tagging(pinning to maps)

Soundtribes user generated content and music

Bubbletop Organising information on the web

And Jean-Marc discussed BT 21 CN. 21CN is fascinating in itself .. But lot more seems to have changed every time I look at it. Have a look at the 21CN SDK

Both Orange and 21CN are text book cases of how to do convergence and network abstraction respectively. So, they are great showcases for the philosophy of Mobile Web 2.0 and it was great to meet Martin and Jean-Marc today

More on this soon ..


  1. joBoyd says:

    What absolute tripe!!! France Telecom or should I say Orange cannot even provide a simple ADSL connection without costing the customer untold hassle with no result whatsoever. Customer service is nothing more than a mythe dealing with amateurs who have no knowledge of the problems they are asked to deal with. In essence there is a definite lack of COMMUNICATION between service and client and this is one of two companies doing GREAT things!! I don’t think so. And to prove my point, I am currently paying for a service I cannot receive as a result if this lack of service.