McJobs ..

I have been known to support a number of issues – often which fit in with my libertarian/free market/ business friendly view of the world.

For instance:

Individualism – The Red Cockatoo

The US Customs and border security force

The Girl with a one track mind


Tim O Reilly

Human rights in general

Welcoming Dr. Condoleezza Rice to the UK ,

Women’s rights – Kathy Sierra ,

so here is one more ..

It’s McDonalds ..

The Oxford English Dictionary currently describes a McJob as “an unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects

. McDonalds are creating a petition to change that definition

I fully support that petition!

I, for one, have fond memories of Mc Donalds. As a new immigrant .. And later as an impoverished entrepreneur – in the early stages of setting up my business :) , McDonalds was a great place to go. The place is always clean. Open all hours of the day and night, the staff is polite, I see older and younger people working at Mc Donalds and I believe that there is a strong work ethic.

All qualities we should admire – rather than belittle – as the venerable Oxford English dictionary seems to be doing.

Further, anyone who has worked with me for even a modest amount of time, probably knows about my food allergies – especially to sesame seeds. Thus, with all my travel, to me – Mc Donald’s is a very safe place to go(try explaining to someone in Korea/Japan/Hong Kong – that you have allergies to certain things – it’s not easy!)

In any case, work is work .. No one should belittle it!


  1. Tom Godber says:

    I guess the question should be, is the OED making a judgement on McDonald’s workers by including the term, or simply reflecting a phrase which has passed a certain threshold of popularity among the English population? I would suggest the latter, therefore inclusion of the term is justified – I’m pretty certain you could find a lot of other less tasteful terms in the OED than this one…