iTunes as a delivery mechanism for Mobile Widgets ..

Here is a thought ..

Currently, application discovery is the key issue ..

Extending this to Mobile Widgets, the question is ‘How will people discover Mobile Widgets?

If iTunes(and I am using this generically, i.e. trying to illustrate the concept through iTunes – anyone could do this – for instance Nokia or Opera) .. were to be used to deliver iPhone widgets .. then .. it has some unique advantages ..

That is been hinted HERE


NPD analyst Rubin sees iTunes as being one possible vehicle for delivering applications to the iPhone. Besides giving users a familiar interface, it will also give Apple the chance to certify applications for the device.

For example, Apple tightly controls all development of software for the iPod. All games developed for the iPod are distributed by Apple via the iTunes Store, rather than being made available for individual download on developers’ web sites.


This would be good .. But my qs is: even today, sites like handango do offer application downloads ..

So, qs is: What would iTunes do differently?

Does the fact that you will have content + apps together for download .. help apps(Widgets) download? (I think it will)

i.e what I am saying is: sites like handango are used by techies ..

Its when Joe(and Jane) public start to ‘discover’ mobile apps, they will take off

We already go to the iTunes store to get content. The process of application discovery(specifically widget discovery) is but a natural extension

Actually, this could be an interesting insight because anyone could sell content and apps together (like widgets) along with it(not just Apple)

Consumers would be drawn to content .. but in the same process could also start to explore widgets ..

Adds William Volk:

Normally, selling mobile content sans a P-SMS arrangement would be the kiss of death BUT 99%+ of iPhone users are going to have a iTiunes account anyway. Unified billing is unified billing so this could work. There’s even a RINGTONE tab in the new iTunes (Google the story). So yeah, widgets and ringtones from iTunes.


  1. Simon says:

    This all pre-supposes that iTunes understand that in the music industry in particular content is no longer king, it is the experience (context, quality, coolness and content) that captures the consumer’s imagination. I’m kind of prepared to believe they do get this. But I’m not sure that opening up the iPhone as a platform for 3rd party Mobile Web 2.0 developers in in the Apple way of doing things. If iTunes only provides Apple developed widgets, they might miss the point.