Disappointed with Video iPod – help!

Anyone else having this problem???

This is my very first Apple product – so I am hoping I may have made a mistake here and there is a solution somewhere!

I am trying to get iTunes to work

I have a video iPod (80G) which I got from the States

I live in the UK – so signed up to UK iTunes store

The UK store has no videos, no TV shows etc

I can’t sign up to the American store because my credit card billing address is in the UK

So, qs is: how do we get videos in the UK?

Am I missing something?

For instance, I can see some movies, CNN, Discovery channel and even the Cartoon network in the us … but not in the UK!!

To me, it seems that at the moment, there is no point buying a video iPod outside the usa because there is no content for it


  1. Tom says:

    It is extremely disappointing. We developed a beta product where if you have a TV tuner card you can automatically record shows and copy them to your iPod, but we found the penetration of video iPods is so low in the UK that no one wanted to take it up!

  2. Ian Hay says:

    yes there isn’t much there unless you like Pixar short movies (which are good) but not a lot of other choice as yet, blame the majors or the legal wranglers I guess, or use content you have already

  3. Holger says:

    I assume that Apple has not acquired the distribution rights for video content in the UK.
    So, one way would be to convert the content by hand into the right format (e.g. with MediaCoder or Videora iPod Converter) – for which you would, of course, need some input files…
    Not as nice as using iTunes, but one way to feed your iPod with content :)

  4. mturro says:

    I usually get my viedo from the internet at large (Google, Fora.tv, etc) not itunes. After download just import it into itunes (itunes will play anything that quicktime will). If it isn’t ipod compatible you can convert it using “Convert selction for iPod” from itunes “Advanced” menu.
    See: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=302758

  5. Sandeep says:

    I just saw this post and it reminded me of why I choose the Creative Zen over the iPod Video. It was not so much an iTunes availability issue, as much as the ability to use something already available to me, which the iPod would not allow me to use
    While the Zen is not as slick as the iPod, it has proven to be a wise choice.
    I wrote about it here – http://www.kaujalgi.net/?p=51

  6. Ajit Jaokar says:

    many thanks for all the comments all. I thought I was making a mistake .. apparantly not. The official response is: ‘Coming soon ..’ i.e. indeed there is no video content as such. Ofcourse we can get video podcasts from anywhere but iTunes itself does not have any video content for the uk.

  7. chris mcinerney says:

    I have had my ipod video (30GB)for 6 months and it has woeked really well and it has worked with iTunes well and all that but now if I press the buttons the screen doesnt come on and if I plug it in to itunes the screen doesnt come on and iTunes says that it has been corrupted but i havent dropped it or anything whats gone wrong with my ipod?