widgets on device/set top boxes: Tranzas – Opera


Following my previous posts about Widgets, Tranzas is one of the first instances of Widgets at set top box level in partnership with Opera.

Full details from the Opera web site HERE

But briefly

Opera Software today announced that Opera 9 for Devices will be deployed on the new Tranzas set-top box, the TRZ-8300. Tranzas Inc. is the Japan-based leader in offering a complete solution for Video on Demand streaming and helping customers to find IP solutions for devices. Tranzas will use the Opera browser to deliver Web content and the user interface to the TRZ-8300, which is designed for deployment in hospitality market, including hotels, hospitals, and spas.

By including Opera on this device, hotel guests, for example, will have access to important hotel messages and news, as well as all their favorite Web sites. This line of Tranzas set-top boxes is also equipped with a hard drive. Users will be able to access the contents of the hard drive from an Opera Widget. Opera Widgets are small Web applications that can be viewed outside the browser window.

I also believe that the use of Widgets will take off with the iPhone launch. We can expect Apple to create a media buzz based on UI – so this will benefit Widgets as a whole.