Widget development workshop: London May 17

When: Thursday May 17, 10 am

Where: Liverpool street address as per THIS link

How long: Half day workshop

Cost : £20. For payment, and confirmation, please pay by paypal at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com. Note confirmation is necessary by payment since it’s not a very big room!

Who is the presenter?

GANESH SIVARAMAN: Senior Product Marketing Manager, Software Platforms, Nokia

Ganesh Sivaraman has global marketing responsibility for creating awareness, interest, and excitement of the highly acclaimed Web Browser for S60, the world’s leading smartphone platform, to consumers, customers, partners and the like. Prior to joining S60 Browser Application, he was in charge of application management of S60 Rich Call and had the global responsibility for product creation, management and strategic direction. He also represented Nokia as the lead delegate in mobile standardization bodies, such as SyncML and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), as co-chairman in SyncML and vice-chairman in OMA Data Synchronization groups. He has been with Nokia since 2000 and has a master’s in science degree in Electronics



- Why widgets are important for mobile?

- Biz opportunity for widgets on mobile

- how does S60 enable Widget development?

- What is the product offering?

How to develop widgets?

- briefly touch on how existing Web page development tools can be

leveraged to develop widgets


Q and A

Please note that you have to confirm by paypal (ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com)