speaking at Cambridge wireless: The impact of User Generated Content and Social Networking for mobile devices and business models

I am speaking at Cambridge wireless handset SIG today on The impact of User Generated Content and Social Networking for mobile devices and business models

If you are there, we can catch up

The text of the meeting is as below

The next handset SIG, Co-Championed by Abhi Naha of Idem, and Peter Whale of Qualcomm, is being held on the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd May 2007 at ARM, 110 Fulbourn Road, Cambridge. The event is due to commence at 14.00 and due to close at 16.45 with networking over refreshments.

This SIG will address the following issues:

Can the on-line PC experience of user-generated content and social networking be applied in the mobile world? If so, how can the mobile world bring additional value? How differently will the mobile device need to look and function in order to support these new uses? What will be the best business case to encourage user participation and who in the value chain is best positioned to meet this? Are there a number of different business models to consider? Where will user-generated content and social networking head in the future as seen from the eyes of a typical teenager, and how does mobile fit in with this?

The above issues seem very topical at the moment. The aim of this event is to go beyond the usual presentations and debate. Selected members will be invited from different parts of the mobile value chain and social networking community to participate in a ‘hot house’ brain storming session behind closed doors. The participants will conceive the future wireless device that is likely to maximise the demand for user-generated content and social networking. Please be prepared for tough talks, we may not end up with a mobile phone!

We are delighted on this occasion to welcome Tracy Ross of ESRI, Loughborough University, giving a presentation on ‘Talking ’bout my generation – a user-perspective on mobile social networking’. Also taking part in the hot house debate, we are pleased to welcome Rob Shaddock, Chief Technology Officer, Mobile Devices Business of Motorola, Ajit Jaokar, Author of ‘Mobile Web 2.0′ and Steve Ives, Founder and CEO of Taptu.