Seeking feedback: My address to EIF/European parliament – June 5


On June 5, I have been invited to speak at the EIF foundation ( at the European parliament in Brussels.

The audience are policy makers from the European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission in addition to NGOs and other industry players.

The EIF is a European Parliament and industry collaboration which is really a policy network. They hold open and balances debates on key issues of concern. The speakers usually come from government, academia, consulting, industry or NGOs – essentially every stakeholder group.

So, I will be giving the opening vision speech at the dinner which talks about Web 2.0, Mobile Web 2.0 and beyond. This is a broad vision and I will be covering

- Web 2.0, Definition, Significance, Evolution

- Mobile Web 2.0 and User generated content

- Convergence and the wider impact on society

- From information overflow to relevance (communities, taxonomies and information sharing)

- Emerging business models, architectures and technologies

This is indeed a unique opportunity and I thank MEP Piia Noora-Kauppi for it.

I have an overall vision of Open standards, Open Gardens, converged networks (speeding up deployments of WiFi, Wimax, Mobile TV etc ) etc which will be of course reflected in this vision.

I would welcome your feedback as to what can be covered here(considering my topic and the audience – i.e. policy makers).

I would also like to thank Sean Paavo Krepp Deputy Head, Nokia EU Representative Office for suggesting my name for this!