Platform Disturbia

It was a pleasure to meet Padmasree Warrior at her keynote in JavaOne. Padmasree mentions me on her blog(thanks for that Padmasree!) and she also follows the OpenGardens blog – which is flattering to know.

Padmasree has one of the most interesting tech blogs I have seen (and not just for the technology but also covering various issues she feels passionately about – such as women’s education, teaching maths and science etc)

At the Javaone keynote, she spoke about “Platform Disturbia” – which she blogs about on her blog in greater detail on her blogPlatform Disturbia certainly addresses the right issues, such as fragmentation, feature overload and avoiding monolithic programming.

Padmasree also adds ..

“Platform Disturbia” is a great opportunity for developers, but brings with it significant challenges. As content and communications go mobile – How do you move content easily and transcode it from one format to another? How do you set the hooks between different networks and mobile devices so the hand off is seamless? With personalization, where should the authentication and personalization engines be located – on the mobile device or on backend servers? Should context and location awareness work with authentication; how much should they reveal and to whom?

Clearly as applications go mobile developers have to think differently – Is the app itself a service that exists somewhere in the network cloud? or something you should architect right into the device? It is hard enough dealing with the sheer number of different mobile handsets, screens and separate operating systems. Now we want those devices to talk effortlessly with enterprise infrastructures – to enable secure communications and data sharing with field service people. We want to extend into the home and be able to upload and download content automatically from set top boxes. And deliver a whole new generation of location and context-based services that will make mobile devices even more personal and interactive.

I will be watching this with some interest because Platform Disturbia sounds interesting and also because of my belief that

In an IP(IMS) world, the mobile device will drive convergence because services shift to the edge of the network – and devices are at the edge of the network ..


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