Orange business price plans ..

Orange have launched a new set of price plans for business. This is the first time I think an Operator has targetted the business market by segmenting them in this way. This is interesting for me(apart from the price plan itself) because I believe that the business/SME space is ripe for mobility ‘beyond email’

I think we will see a lot more activity in this space ..

From the Orange literature


Orange Solo is a tariff for people who work for themselves and includes everything you would expect from Orange with additional business benefits such as Orange Care which ensures lost, stolen or faulty handsets are replaced within 24 hours. It provides value on simple minute based plans at three price points of £30, £35 and £40 ranging from 400-800 minutes with fifty per cent extra minutes for those taking 24 month contracts. It also includes a promotional offer of free megabytes of data: 1Mb, 2Mb and 3Mb respectively for those business owners that wish to discover the benefits of mobile email and Internet. Recognising the importance of staying in touch with customers at all times Orange Solo additional promotions also include a choice of unlimited calls to landlines or unlimited texts

Orange Venture lets you make the most of your time at work and at home. It is aimed at small businesses, typically with 1-10 employees, and usually run by entrepreneurial owner managers that are always on the go, trying to juggle communication with customers, suppliers, cash-flow and above all their work / life balance. It is a simple minute based tariff with flat rate sharer fees and comes in seven price points with minute bundles ranging from 275 to 3,400 minutes. Orange Business Additions include unlimited calls between sharers and mid contract reviews. There is a three month promotional offer of unlimited off peak calls to landlines and Orange mobiles to help manage the work / life blur and 20% extra minutes for 18 month contracts and 40% extra minutes for 24 month contracts. Prices range from £28 to £165 per month.

Orange Momentum is a tariff aimed at larger businesses. These businesses typically need to be fast and adaptable so want a package that supports the dynamic work style of its various employees. In answer to this Orange Momentum is based on a simple minute based plan with nine price points for a closer tariff to calling pattern fit. Price points range from £155 for 2,500 minutes to £3,000 for 45,000 minutes. Orange Business Additions include unlimited calls and texts between sharers to allow colleagues to communicate freely. A three month promotional offer of up to 25% extra minutes or unlimited calls to other Orange mobiles is available on longer contracts.