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I was at Javaone last week and was on a panel within Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior’s keynote(Thus, this was the second keynote at the Moscone centre for me in about three weeks after keynote panel at Web 2.0 expo – which explains why I am so delayed with all my emails in the last few weeks!)

The highlight of the last two days was meeting three very clued on people : Padmasree Warrior , Sun Microsystems chief researcher John Gage and C Enrique Ortiz . I have been a great fan of Padmasree’s work (and she also reads my blog – which is nice to know :) ) and her blog – so it was great to meet her in person and see her in action at her keynote. Her keynote focussed on Motorola’s vision of seamless mobility. I have blogged before about the significance of device manufacturers in a post IP world . Hence, I am following Motorola’s work with Wimax and their overall vision. I will be blogging about that separately in context of Padmasree’s keynote.

I am also very much looking forward to visiting Motorola in Chicago to speak about Mobile Web 2.0 and IMS on Padmasree’s invitation.

It was also a pleasure to meet John Gage – and I must admit for a while I did not realise that I was speaking to THE John Gage until Enrique pointed that out to me. John and I got along great and considering that our latest author(Rakesh Radhakrishnan) is an architect at Sun Microsystems , we have many more interesting conversations to go.

At Javaone, Sun announced Java FX and I have been having some interesting discussions with John about this – topics of more blogs no doubt

And of course, it was a great pleasure to meet C Enrique Ortiz(CEO). Over time, CEO and I have become great friends and it was indeed a pleasure to meet CEO in person. We talked shop of course over dinner and Enrique is doing some exciting stuff at his new start-up

But what was I doing at Javaone in the first place – considering that I have been a long standing advocate of the Mobile Web?

Well advocating the Mobile Web of course …

CEO C Enrique Ortiz and I were discussing (taking our online discussions on stage!) the Java vs. the Mobile Web strategy.

My four main points in favour of the mobile web(and opposed to a specific platform) were

1) The ad model favours the Mobile Web

2) Java(for that matter any platform ) is good for consumption but not for creation

3) When we say ‘Web’ I also include ‘Mobile Widgets’

4) Specifically with Java, there is the issue of discovery and distribution

a) The ad model favours the Mobile Web. Both admob and screentonic have a billion ad impressions on the mobile web.

We don’t see a billion of anything on a specific platform(like Java). Web 2.0 (and by extension also Mobile Web 2.0) are driven by the ad model and clearly the Mobile Web has demonstrated a mass market adoption here with respect to ads

b) Java(for that matter any platform ) is good for consumption but not for creation. As we all increasingly become content creators and not content consumers(as we were before ), we need a more ubiquitous language for communication i.e. the Web(the poorest farmer in Africa can access Web content – the more we expect a specific platform to be present the more we hamper communication). In fact, any platform(and that includes the Mobile Web) becomes a limitation when people want to communicate(for instance, SMS is minimalistic platform and it works very well globally – precisely because it is so global)

c) When we say ‘Web’ I also include ‘Mobile Widgets’. Widgets are becoming ubiquitous and span the Web and the Mobile Web(Mobile Ajax drives mobile widgets because the combination of Xhttp and JavaScript lends itself well to Widgets. See What is the relationship between Mobile Ajax and Mobile Widgets? )

d) Specifically with Java, there is the issue of discovery and distribution – which is predominantly carrier based – and that’s a problem.

Many thanks to Padmashree, Wendy and John for this event and also to all the attendees. I realise that my views are not consistent with this audience – so it was nice to be invited by Motorola and Sun to this event

You can see the video of the debate from blogosphere below

and the entire Web cast of the keynote HERE

Also, see Enrique’s views at his blog

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  1. Holly says:

    Didnt Cisco just hire Padmasree as CTO? Is Cisco moving into mobility? I belive that Padmasree Warriors mobile tech experience will help in that strategy. Im think this was a smart move on Cisco’s part. And the fact that shes a powerful women thats just the icing on the cake and teh cherry on top!