Mashup event by Tony Fish in London on Location ..

Tony Fish is organizing Mashup* events in London. Mashup events are monthly sessions for digital professionals who want to debate interesting topics.

Registration is open for the next mashup* Event on 19th June. This mashup* event will focus on the value of ‘where you are’ and aim to address if location is 1.0 and heading South or 2.0 and going North. Within the context of this theme they will be exploring where and what the value of location is. They will cover the value of maps, direction, find, discovery, direction, detection, presence and mashup for both web and mobile but will not cover the technologies that give location.

They already have significant numbers of pre-registrations from those who gained value from previous events, so if you’d like to join please register at Mashup events. They had over 220 people at the last event. The venue is to be confirmed but will be central/ west London.