Horizon channel: Relaunch using a rich FAQ format: seek feedback ..


Hello all

As many of you know, I launched Horizon channel earlier this year. I have been running it in Beta for some time now – trying to understand how to provide the best value to the community

So, based on that feedback (many thanks for that!), here is how I see Horizon channel evolving

Of course, I seek your feedback on this!

Horizon channel is a next generation media channel. The overall objective of the Horizon channel is to showcase the best research, innovation and cutting edge thinking.

The Web, as we know it, is a rich but unvalidated repository of information.

As the web matures, there is an increasing need for validated content. Wikipedia has been successful in covering a range of content but lacks the authority in specific sectors due to its existing format. Thus, we now see sites such as Encyclopaedia of Life which work in specialist niche areas.

Horizon channel aims to emulate this strategy of mastering specific niche topics using the concept of Rich FAQs

Horizon channel is based on the format of a Rich FAQ (Rich frequently asked questions) i.e. an FAQ that includes video and audio in addition to a traditional list of frequently asked questions. The FAQ format is well understood . It lends itself to user generated content and also a moderated FAQ can be used to capture insights about a specific topic from the community and can be fed back to the community in the same format.

Hence, by combining multimedia(embedded video clips), we create a content repository which we call ‘Rich FAQ’. Its characteristics include

- The Rich FAQ is based on a theme which Horizon channel initiate(for example Widgets , Mobile Ajax and Social networking to start off with)

- The Rich FAQ includes multimedia elements(embedded audio and video)

- The Rich FAQ can be enhanced by other users

Horizon channel will provide an NPOV (Neutral point of view). Its editorial skill (including topic identification and validation of changes) is it’s key function

Advertising will be the key revenue model – but other revenue models will also be explored

The first Rich FAQ will be the long overdue Mobile Ajax FAQ followed by one on Mobile Widgets(which includes video podcasts).

We will continue to enhance the FAQs by adding updates, links and more importantly video and audio podcasts. Of course, we welcome your input i.e. if you want to suggest improvements to an FAQ that will be included in subsequent updates provided it is approved.

I seek your thoughts on

a) This format

b) Topics you want us to work with(the three topics we are working on are Mobile Ajax, Widgets and Social networking. What else should we consider?

Many thanks for this!


  1. Mark in CA says:

    Diversinet does over-the-air provisioning of its MobiSecure mobile soft tokens for two-factor authentication using one-time passwords, and this technology has been licensed to RSA, too.