Telefonica announces fixed price .. Voda also on verge of making changes ..

Apologies for the radio silence, been travelling (San Francisco, Malaga and now in Monaco). I attended an event in Malaga organised by Lanetro Zed – attended by many Operators.

More on this soon .. but a quick insight is: fixed price will be the norm rather than the exception now.

Telefonica announced a rate of one euro/day. Telia sonera also announced a flat rate(forget details).

At last we seem to be moving towards real progress in this industry! Its great to see the changes.

Vodafone also appears to be announcing some big changes.

Ray De Silva from Vodafone gets my vote as someone who, in my view, has the vision and the mindset befitting the new world of Telecoms.

Watch Vodafone for some significant changes soon.


  1. Sam Sethi says:

    Hi Ajit
    Are you talking about mobile companies offering unlimited calls for 1 euro/day or fixed line.

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

    Hi Sam, As I understand it, this is for browsing(not phone calls) kind rgds Ajit

  3. raddedas says:

    Could the significant changes from Vodafone include bothering to make sure the network settings on their handsets are correct so they can actually use data services? That trully would be a breakthrough ;)
    Dropping from £7.50/Mb would also be nice, nearly double what everyone else charges…