My keynote at web20expo + other talks in San Francisco ..


I am In San Francisco now. My apologies for the delay in responding to emails.

In addition to my original session at Web 2.0 expo(on Mobile Web 2.0), I am now also a part of the Keynote session on Tuesday – and that has changed my schedule.

I am also way behind in my emails. So, apologies for delayed response if you are waiting on something from me.

If you are attending any of the sessions below, please come over and say Hi!

So, the three sessions I am speaking at in California in the next three days are:

Web 2.0 expo: Keynote Mobile 2.0 on Tuesday morning

Web 2.0 expo: Mobile Web 2.0 on wednesday afternoon (the original session)

and also

Mobile Monday Silicon valley at Berkeley(monday evening): Location based tagging of user generated content via GPS.