McKinsey Global Survey: Tim O Reilly must be having the last laugh ..

The McKinsey quarterly had a recent article on How businesses are using Web 2.0: A McKinsey Global Survey.

Requires a free registration – but well worth a read.

I am a paid subscriber to the McKinsey service and my yardstick is: when McKinsey write about it – it’s mainstream.

Considering how much flak Tim O Reilly received when he put forward the seven principles of Web 2.0, I guess Tim must be having the last laugh.

The adoption of Web 2.0 by corporates is even more interesting. I already follow Dion’s work on Web 2.0 and Enterprise and am helping Hinchcliffe and co in their expansion of Web 2.0 University to London

So, have a look at the McKinsey report and also these three other blogs on the same theme from Dion :

The rise of the DIY phenomenon

The challenges of moving the Web-based world into the enterprise

Emerging new ideas for SOA architects

Social media goes mainstream

I am very much looking forward to meeting Tim when I am speaking at the O Reilly Web 2.0 expo