Did you attend my keynote session today at O Reilly Web2.0 expo?

It was great to moderate and speak at the keynote session at Web 2.0 expo yesterday. With more than 3000 people in the room, this was one of the largest audiences I have addressed. Many thanks to our panel Mike McCue, President, CEO & Co-Founder, Tellme; Ilkka Raiskinen, SVP, Multimedia Experiences, Nokia ; Paola Tonelli, Head of Center, Group Research and Development, Vodafone Spain

If you were there, please comment here to say ‘Hi’. From the stage, all I could see was ‘bright lights’ ! Today, I am doing my original talk on Mobile Web 2.0 (I was a last minute replacement for the keynote – thanks to Jen, Brady, Surj and the other folk at OReilly for considering me for the keynote)