Zoovision – feedback of the new Nokia Ad service ..


ZooVision is a mobile video 3gp / Windows Media streaming content aggregator that is changing the way people use their wireless phones and access entertainment. They stream on-demand videos and audio customized to the mobile experience.

Sean Berner of zoovision was kind enough to share his experiences of the Nokia Ad Service with me and I have reproduced it below with Sean’s permission.

First we are joining their network as a publisher. Since the ZooVision site is free and ad supported it’s a natural fit for us. Also the fact that we don’t have a European ad partner yet will also benefit us so we can target ads for those markets.

Second we are going to run ads on Nokia service to help drive more traffic to the landing pages which will in turn increase the page views for all of the pages and thus more ad revenue.

The test that we ran last week was a banner ad to UK n73 handsets driving traffic directly to our mobile site. Overall the numbers were amazing with page views up 400% from our normal daily traffic. The other item that was really high was the click through rate which was almost 20% from the Nokia site!

As a company we have an on portal and off portal strategy and we have been looking for something like this to take our off portal offering to the next level. So to say the least we are very excited about the offering.

Watch this space .. Thanks Sean