My talk at Ajaxworld: A brief summary of main ideas covered..


Yesterday, I spoke at Ajaxworld in New York on Deploying Web-Based Applications to Mobile Devices Using AJAX Techniques.

This is my third Ajax world(after New York and Santa Clara last year) and I am pleasantly surprised as to how many people turned up this year for my talk!

Ajax on Mobile devices is a subsidiary topic from the main conference (i.e. Rich Internet Applications on the Web) – and hence to see so many people attending what was in effect, the last session for the day, is great. In fact the room was full – and there were some people outside the Hudson Suite – where I spoke.

I can think of three reasons for this uptake:

a) RIA (Rich Internet Applications) is becoming mainstream – be they Ajax or Flex. For instance, for the first time, Oracle was an attendee and also a sponsor

b) Mobile Ajax is unexpectedly in the news thanks to iPhone and Mobile Widgets(The Mobile Widgets I predicted more than a year ago, iPhone was unexpected to all and will be significant for Mobile Ajax as I spoke yesterday – especially if Dashboard widgets make it to the iPhone)

c) And finally, there is widespread support from almost all browser vendors. Here in Europe, we focus on Nokia and Opera – but there were a number of questions about Windows Mobile – something I need to clearly brush up on a bit more!

Here is a slide summarising the top five things to take away from the talk

Some notes

a) By three musketeers, I mean the trio of technologies : Mobile Ajax, Mobile Widgets and WICD

b) The quickest benefits for Mobile Ajax are based on accessing the Web / enterprise data(because these applications don’t need access to device APIs). The best example of this type of service is Soonr

c) Mobile Ajax is more than a pretty face! See an article which I wrote a while ago elaborating this i.e. look beyond the UI to the broader architecture

d) Long tail applications and Widgets!! .. Mobile Ajax is the foundation of Mobile Widgets and Widgets span the Web and the Mobile Web(thereby enabling Long Tail applications)

Thanks to team at sys-con . Someone at sys-con said I am almost part of the family :) and they always help me out since I am one of the few regular European speakers. Thanks to Jeremy, Faut, Dion, Laurie and Megan for all your help.

Look out for our Mobile Ajax FAQ (I , Rocco and Bryan are writing)


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