Incredible! O2 offers fixed rate pricing ONLY if you threaten to leave!

This is an incredible story! I am interested if you can verify it.

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Apparently, O2 will offer a fixed rate tariff – only if you threaten to leave (especially to join the Three network which is fixed rate tariff).

In other words, only the retentions team offers this tariff. The rest of the suckers (oops customers!) pay the ‘normal’ tariff(and new subscribers are still being charged anything from £48 to £225 for the same level of access) .

This is the first impact of Three’s fixed rate pricing – and in fact, another Operator spoke to me at an event and said that they are also planning fixed rate!

The story is posted by blogger Ewan Mc Leod.

When I heard that name, I thought – not the same Ewan who I knew for a while?

Yep, it’s Ewan from Neoone. Ewan and Hetty got a lot of traction at neoone. Not caught up with Ewan for a while for their latest awards and accolades.

A good guy and pretty clued on – now blogging on smstextnews

So, for my money, this is a reliable source!

Over to O2!!

See the full story HERE