futuretxt (not futuretext)


In the spirit of helping the industry .. I got a note from Christopher Rhodes, Creative Director

of Msgme, who wants to launch a service called futuretxt(and not futuretext i.e. my company!).

Chris wanted to know if I thought there was a conflict of interest – and I think not – and I even promised to blog about futuretxt because it’s simple but useful

So, here we are!

Presenting futuretxt (and not futuretext :)

It is based on their flagship product which is a text messaging call/response platform called Msgme. The futuretxt service is based on Msgme and provides a scheduled text messaging alert system. I know many calendar based systems would also do this – but I like simple, monolithic applications i.e. an application that does one thing very well – so I think this service may be useful