CNN, Infosys and SK Telecom

It’s been an interesting day for me from a blogging perspective. I have heard of three things today which indicate that blogging is fast becoming mainstream and innovative organizations are adopting blogging in a big way.

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised to get an email from Jim at CNN announcing that CNN’s new, revamped mobile WAP site is live. To me, CNN’s revisiting of WAP now indicates that the Mobile Web is fast becoming mainstream.

I am a big fan of CNN – anyone who travels as much as I do – longs for a familiar TV presence in distant lands – and I have withdrawal symptoms when hotels have no CNN! So, it’s nice to see CNN on the phone, a service I shall be blogging about and using. (And by the way, as a blogger, its flattering to get an email from CNN indicating that their WAP service is live – CNN engaging with blogosphere points to blogosphere itself becoming mainstream)

Secondly, this afternoon, I had a meeting with Infosys – who are doing some interesting work in the convergence space. Their vision is to make digital convergence less abstract – which led to many ongoing discussions with their team.

It turns out that Infosys have also launched a blog a couple of days ago. Besides their technical/mission critical work for which they are well known, this blog seems to be taking on a World is flat perspective i.e. broader than the Operational role and more of a business transformational role. For instance, the entry Making Information Elephants Dance points to a direction I suspect they will take.

Infosys is very respected in India and I am following their work – both in the technical/convergence sphere and in the business transformation sphere with some interest. More on that soon.

Finally, I had lunch today with Mr Brian (Hyunchul) Cho – Director of Business development for SK Telecom in London. If you don’t know already, SK Telecom is South Korea’s biggest and most innovative Mobile Operator – especially in the social/community sectors. I have invited Brian to share his Korean experiences on this blog – so expect to hear from SK Telecom soon


  1. Nintendo Wii says:

    Yea, I know what you mean. Blogging has blown up in a short amount of time.

  2. Ajit,
    IMO, blogospohere going mainstream is vindication of the new mantra – customer integration is the way to build loyalty. User generated content (e.g. blogs, community news, personal ring tones) creates much higher stickiness. In todays telecom world, where the pace of change is accelerating, co-creation is the best means of keeping products current.
    Thanks for picking up our new Infosys blog site in your post …