An update to the Nokia ad service launch post ..

I have got a few comments to my post about the launch of the Nokia Ad service – so here are some more thoughts

a) .mobi – Nokia chooses to call the service ‘.mobi’. That’s why it legitimises the .mobi concept in my view i.e. they could easily have chosen to call it something else

b) One of my very frist blogs was about the fragmentation in the mobile data industry , we need some form of aggregation to achieve critical mass (especially from an advertiser perspective)

There are a number of ways we could do this

a) A web based player like Google spanning to mobile

b) A web to mobile ecosystem (driven by the Mobile Operator)

c) A broader convergence strategy driven by a service oriented architecture across network types and across geographies

d) A player like Nokia aggregating the market around devices

Is this possible On portal?

Yes and no.

If it were successful, why did we not have this already? think about it.

Why don’t we have bodies like the Mobile Data association telling us about increasing numbers of Ad impressions on Operator portals?

So, I believe – on a functional scale – it is possible – but in practise, it is not viable i.e. not financially viable on portal

Portals face the same problem which everyone else is facing – poor customer segmentation, fragmented technology stack etc – so you need some form of aggregation across Operators to make a financially viable proposition to advertisers

In fact, the success of admob et al shows that – firstly, a market exists and secondly, to be viable, it must be cross operator/cross geography(i.e. other than Japanese and Korean opertors – I doubt if a single Operator portal can show such high numbers of ad impressions – happy to be proven wrong with some stats – if any exist)

Of course, with phones like N95 (Wifi enabled and GPS enabled), the possibilities are endless when combined with the Nokia ad service.