User generated content seems to be the focus of 3GSM ..

Early days .. but User Generated content seems to be a big focus of 3GSM. This makes me happy ofcourse since UGC is the core theme of Mobile Web 2.0 and also my talk at 3GSM

As pe the BBC

User-generated content, mobile TV and location-based services are all likely to cause a buzz among the 60,000 visitors. With one billion handsets sold last year, it is certainly in a healthy state but the majority of customers are still stuck in a talk and text world. For Ben Wood, director at research firm CCS Insight, this year’s conference will be the start of the journey to really bring the web to the mobile phone.

and also .. consistent with my own views ..

Flat-rate charging for data downloads is already happening – with 3′s bundled X-series service for example – and there will be a glut of handsets with better colour screens and more memory to persuade users to make the transition from voice to data.

I am also watching the announcement fom Nokia: Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map

The Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map enables mobile discovery of videos in websites such as the YouTube Mobile site in a similar way as with PC web browsers. With YouTube Mobile now also compatible with the AVC video format which is the most common format supported in mobile devices, the single-click playback of videos is also possible in the same intuitive way as with PC web browsers. The Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map and AVC video playback are standard features in all the latest Nokia Nseries multimedia computers.