The biggest announcement at 3GSM – was the one that never was!

I always suspected that Mobile giants plot secret rival to Google .. Is it speculation?

was a rumour..

3GSM has come and gone .. But no such announcement in sight. For those not in the UK, the Telegraph (which was the only source for that story) has a much more conservative/older audience and is not known for leading edge insights/stories in new media unlike The Guardian or the BBC.

So, I was never very comfortable with this story – coming as it is – in the Telegraph. May still be announced post 3GSM – but I doubt it. More likely an attempt by the Telegraph to get noticed in new media circles :)


  1. James Pearce says:

    It made it into the Financial Times on the Monday morning too.
    But right – it sounds like some hopeful, misreporting.
    On the other hand, we at .mobi did announce a roadmap for mobile directory services…