I am on the BBC Digital Planet program ..

I am on the BBC Digital planet program along with Christian Schimmel of Adlittle and Marc Aasjes of Vodafone. See the BBC Digital planet where you can download the podcast

According to the BBC:

Christian Schimmel , Marc Aasjes and Ajit Jaokar joined the programme to share their views on the next generation of mobile phone applications and the trend towards web 2.0 mobiles.

This program has a wide following here in the UK and also globally since it is a part of the BBC world service. The BBC also has been at the cutting edge with podcasting(the program also exists in a podcast form). The presenter Gareth Mitchell and his team are themselves a source of knowledge on how to set up a worldwide podcast system. So, in a switching of roles, I will be interviewing them on Horizon Channel soon!