flirtomatic web and wap stats ..

Over Christmas, flirtomatic in the UK reported some interesting figures. I follow flirtomatic because they have managed to get some traction over Web and Mobile i.e. the service spans the Web and Mobile domains from the start. Also, Mark Curtis, founder of flirtomatic is one of my authors (Distraction)

Flirtomatic is a cross platform (web and wap) flirting service, now with 225,000 registered users (they came out of beta and launched properly in late May 2006). Acquiring web users has always been easier for them than wap users (the web is more viral, more promotional opportunities and provisioning by sms has high wastage rates) but they have begun to really improve recently on the WAP front – and are seeing amazing usage levels as a result.

In December wap usage was 4.3m page impressions – and it was especially high over Christmas and the New Year. Interestingly they are seeing higher page impressions per user on wap than on the web.

Over the last week they have seen 46% of users at any given moment have been mobile, and they are now seeing evidence of users understanding that cross platform means they can use the most appropriate medium for where they are.

This varies by user need of course: some users use the mobile in the office because they want to keep their flirting discrete – but then switch to PCs at night. Others, predictably, use a PC at work but check messages on their mobile going home (we see a mobile spike at 6pm).

while creating this post: I thought – ‘Why are people using WAP to flirt? i.e. its normal to swap mobile numbers after an initial introduction(assuming interest) and then use text messaging to flirt (discreetly).’. So, why WAP? Shall ask Mark ..