Blog tag: About me ..

C Enrique Oritz (CEO) tagged me a while ago and apologies that it has taken a long time to come back. BTW, it’s great being tagged by CEO. CEO is one of the most referred (linked) bloggers from my blog – which means I am a great fan of his work. We started off by disagreeing a bit with regards to my Ajax/Java posts - but over time have become great online friends! – So much so that – I scanned the weather in Austin to see if the recent storms had caused damage there knowing that Enrique was based there.

But back to me .. So, here goes!

You may already know a lot about me from my blog profile : such as I am a ZZ Top fan, an animations fan(Tom and Jerry) and I have three nationalities(British, Indian and New Zealander) – plus my interests in Mobility, Open ecosystems, Mobile Web 2.0 etc

So, here are five more things, you may not know about me

a) I am allergic to many things – especially sesame seeds!. Considering my trips to Korea(where you have sesame seeds in everything) and many Korean friends this is truly difficult!.

b) I come from the west coast of India and was born in Mumbai (formerly called Bombay). I speak an Indo Aryan language called Marathi. This is relatively uncommon outside India in comparison to other Indian Diaspora. In India, people with a name suffixed by ‘kar’ are generally speakers of Marathi. If you follow cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is the best known speaker of Marathi(named among 2006 60 Asian heroes by Time)

c) I am avid reader and follower of Ayn Rand’s philosophy - which I first read when I was sixteen

d) I have tried white water rafting in the Kaituna river in New Zealand. Unknown to me then, this is the world’s highest commercially rafted waterfall (7 metres, 21ft). Our boat toppled over this waterfall and I was lucky not to have got hurt more than I did(but overall I believe that this is a safe river to navigate if you want to try it!)

e) I am a fan of the Godfather, Sopranos, David Attenborough and most Blues music

I need to think about who else to ‘tag’ considering so many people I know have already been tagged. So, shall post my list of five members later ..(esp. this being 3GSM time – and very busy anyway)