The launch of Horizon Channel: Video podcasting, Wikis and Mobile Video ..


For some time, I have been planning a start-up called Horizon Channel.

In October last year, I discussed the idea with Tomi Ahonen and Alan Moore. This will be my third collaboration with Alan and Tomi and the chance to work with these two clued on people is very appealing ..

They both loved it. So, we decided to go for it!

We have been working on it since October and it finally launches today!

In a nutshell, Horizon channel covers trends and technologies ‘on the horizon’. It combines Podcasting (audio and video) with Wikis

The name was inspired from the National Geographic channel. And in that sense, it is not ‘User Generated Content’. Thus, in spite of all the buzz around Web 2.0, I would not call Horizon Channel as ‘Web 2.0’. Yes, we have some elements of Web 2.0 (like unleashing of content i.e. our podcasts being accessed remotely on other partner sites and through RSS) and Wikis; but the content creation itself is very much traditional.

As bloggers, all three of us are familiar with content creation; especially with content created for the web (free, but likely to be advertisement sponsored).

So, the question we asked ourselves is: As content creators what should this venture look like? How would it be useful to our audience?

Here’s what it looks like:

a) We are launching Horizon Channel with two shows: Emerging Web and Mobile technologies with Ajit Jaokar and Communities Dominate Podcast with Alan Moore and Tomi Ahonen

b) What makes us different? In a nutshell, the content of our shows and the knowledge of our presenters.

And we have a great cast for the launch!

Rory Sutherland : Executive Creative Director and Vice-Chairman, OgilvyOne London and Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK giving us his views on the future of Digital communities

Jo Butler : Co-Director, Information Technology Research ISTG Group, Intel speaks to us about SOA/Web 2.0 and their applicability to Enterprises

Håkon Wium Lie : CTO Opera Software talks about the significance of Widgets

Peter Miles CEO SUBtv discussing youth, media and brands.

c) Our shows will always be free. They could be supported by advertisements or sponsored. We also syndicate our content at no cost to other sites which share our ethos.

d) We will also post the entire transcript of our podcast in a Wiki, which you can access from the site . You can comment on the transcript and interact with our show hosts

e) We are likely to have a European focus(but that may not be always the case)

f) Considering our background with Mobile technologies, we will be investing heavily into Mobile video podcasting : both creation using devices like Nokia N93 and also consumption on mobile devices.

We welcome your thoughts

Please see the Horizon Channel at or click on Horizon Channel.

Special thanks to Andrew Buonocore and Darren Michael of Podcast Generation for their hard work and support in making this happen!