Seeking guest bloggers for the OpenGardens blog ..

Hello all

In 2007, I have some big plans for my blog.

Much to my surprise last year, it has become a runaway success

Alexa ratings of 67,000 odd and growing, syndicated on the W3C, Top 20 fierce wireless blogs, Top 20 mobile blogs by technorati links etc etc ..

It also has some industry experts like Simeon(general partner of Polaris ventures), Dr Paddy Byers and Chetan sharma blogging on it.

This year, I am looking for more bloggers who want to contribute occasional articles. This means, your article / post would have your photo against it and would be edited by me(and of course authored by you)

You can get a general ethos of the blog by looking at the blog (essentially web 2.0, mobile web 2.0, Open Gardens etc).

You can talk about your own expertise/company.

For instance, see this blog -

Yes, we are talking about a specific company – but also its of general interest to peopleand its unique and it fits with the broad ethos of the blog.

Ideally, I would like you to contribute a series (for instance a set of five posts on a theme) etc.

I can work with you to edit etc.

If you are interested, please email me at ajit.jaokar at giving me an outline what you want to write etc etc

kind rgds