Rock on three! Free data roaming charges .. why this is significant and why other Operators STILL dont ‘get’ it?


My favourite operator just keeps getting better and better! The BBC says.. Mobile firm 3 scraps roaming fees

This is fantastic for the customer, for Three and ultimately (when the industry wakes up) – for the industry itself!

And also the reason why I yawn when other Operators talk of how well they understand their customers, Customer relationship management, new services, marketing etc etc!

Most of the press will focus on free roaming ‘voice’ charges.

BUT ..

The announcement also says ..

3 added that its UK customers would also be able to make video calls and access the internet at their usual domestic rate under the new service, which is called 3 Like Home.

In other words, free roaming data charges.

Why is this great?

Think about this ..

We all talk of ‘mobile content being triggered by the moment of inspiration’

So, we want to capture AND SHARE the moment instantly

So, if we are on holiday in Barcelona, we want the poor folk sitting in cold England to know IN THAT INSTANT .. How nice the beach is ..

BUT ..

All the Operators make the right noises, but come up with data plans that CRIPPLE this moment of inspiration.

So, you DARE not send your holiday photo/video in an instant(because you will pay for it when you get home!)

Now, all that changes .. With fixed rate roaming data charges!

User generated content was the main driver behind Mobile Web 2.0, so this is a great boost for Mobile Web 2.0

Great stuff!