My session at 3GSM and meeting up at 3GSM ..

Hello all

I am speaking + moderating the session on Mobile Web 2.0 at 3GSM on 14 Feb 16:50 to 18:10 Technology Breakout Session

Other participants include Jon von Tetzchner Chief Executive Officer Opera Software, Alex Kummerman Chief Executive Officer Clicmobile, David Wood Executive Vice President, Symbian Research

You are all welcome to attend ofcourse!

I am also speaking at another conference organised by Ogilvy immediately following 3GSM.

So, I am in Barcelona from Sat to Sat (the whole week)

Happy to meet up

Ironically, inspite of speaking at 3GSM, this is the first time I am attending it :(

Hence, not very good at the logistics.

Happy to meet up/attend any events or parties you recommend. Please contact me on ajit.jaokar at

kind rgds



  1. Greg Clayman says:

    ah, the logistics of 3gsm. hour-long taxi lines, iberia (if you’re unlucky enough to fly them) holding on to your luggage for days at a time, parties and events out in the middle of nowhere (i recall last year leaving the motorola party with a group of people and wandering across a highway lined with prostitutes in search of a taxi home…) it is madness and way too big a show for barcelona to handle. but it sure is fun! looking forward to your panel…