iPhone: A catalyst for Mobile Ajax


My optimistic views about Mobile Ajax are well known. However, last month Mobile Ajax has got an unexpected catalyst in the form of iPhone.

I have always favoured Mobile Ajax for reasons like:

a) I like the One Web (unified Web) theory.

b) I believe in Open standards.

c) Mobile Ajax fosters the adoption of Mobile Widgets and

d) Developers will adopt technologies which they are already familiar with

The story so far has been led by the Opera platform, with support from Nokia (who have introduced many devices with the full Web browser).

Soonr has been the best showcase application for Mobile Ajax.

However, an unexpected boost to Mobile Ajax has been provided by the iPhone.

I believe that the iPhone will always be a niche device and even Steve Jobs is very likely aiming for that (which is still a great/profitable business to be in).

However, like on the PC, Apple will end up raising the bar for many things – especially the UI.

On first impressions, the browser UI is great .. but even more so when you realise that the browser does not use either Flash Lite or Java.

So, it is good old fashioned full browser technology –aka – Mobile Ajax(and more).

This means legions of developers will try to create better UI emulating the iPhone

But the iPhone will never be a mass market phone! So, I believe that the industry will reap the benefits of the skills base from these developers.

Others like Eli Dickinson of Fierce wireless have also spotted this trend

I predict this year, Mobile Ajax will become much more common – although we not call it ‘Mobile Ajax’ – actually any full browser app could be potentially Mobile Ajax application and the iPhone UI will lead to developers adopting Mobile Ajax(and thereby benefiting the industry as a whole especially more mass market solutions like the Opera platform)

Image source: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/macworld2007/the-iphone-web-browser-via-safari–has-tabs-227412.php