Girl with a one-track mind


I saw this post in Susan Mernit’s blog and after reading it a few times and looking at the links there in, I have decided to cross link her post here about (Please note the following links to a blog with some adult content) about Sunday Times acting news editor Nicholas Hellen

There are four reasons for doing this

a) An individual’s privacy should be respected – especially a journalist threatening to publish details about a person’s address, their mother’s profession etc is not acceptable. It is this sort of behaviour that gives journalism a bad name and victimises individuals(who have little resources against the might of big media).

b) Blogosphere can act as a counterpoint to big media – and I hope the Zoe Margolis, aka Abby Lee(the author of ‘The Girl with a one track mind’) will benefit from this

c) I respect Susan Mernit views as well. I see this as a form of activism from Susan’s side – and I support that

d) This blogger activism may be a part of a larger trend and I support want to support that trend ; for instance Robert Scoble’s involvement in the John Edwards campaign. By empowering blogosphere and bloggers at the expense of big media, lawyers, Governments etc, I believe society and individuals (who are often defenceless against onslaughts of media, government etc) can benefit. That’s the same reason for supporting Boing Boing (Xeni ofcourse does fine on her own – but it was still a means to show support!)

In fairness, If I see an official response from Sunday Times, I will link that here as well.

PS: I have not read the book Girl with a one track mind. I will probably not get coverage for my own book in the Sunday times (Mobile Web 2.0 ) after this! But still, the point needs to be made!