Flash Lite adoption ..

By Simeon Simeonov


Note from Ajit:

Much has been said about my post, Flash Lite is not WICD, but it should be ! It got the best post in the Carnival of the Mobilists . I will do a follow on post on this soon .. But here are some thoughts from Simeon in his very first post here. Sim of course, knows a bit about Adobe/Flash and Macromedia since he was vice president of emerging technologies and chief architect at Macromedia.Sim’s post follows …

I agree with the basic premise that Flash Lite would get broader adoption if it was free but I don’t see this as a viable option for Adobe at this point. The parallel you make to the way Flash grew on the Net doesn’t work for three reasons:

1. Flash started on the Net as a cool animation engine, not a runtime UE platform. That’s how it got its adoption.

2. Most of the mobile world is a closed garden and so comparing business

models + technology adoption curves is difficult.

3. Adobe is actually finally starting to focus on developers, e.g., hired a good developer relations person, etc.

One way to approach this is to broaden the discussion to the “right”

mobile stack. IMO, it is Linux as the OS, Java as the phone middleware

and FL as the presentation tier. I’ve blogged about this in the past at my blog The mobile stack evolves

Lets keep discussing this more ..