Yuvi: A new blogging star is born!

I thought the last post: Inspired by Chicken Run: Google Reader, One Web, Mobile Web 2.0 and Metadata .. would be my last post for this year .. but I could not miss this post about a 15 year old boy called Yuvi from Chennai, India who has done some stunning analysis on Robert Scoble’s blog.

See Robert’s post and Christian Long’s analysis which explains more!


  1. Yuvi says:

    Thanks a lot:)
    BTW, I certainly don’t think the first one was anything near *stunning*. The second one[http://blog.yuvisense.net/2006/12/31/statbot-analyzing-scobleizercom-%e2%80%93-part-1-link-analysis/] is much better…
    Thanks for the link:)