Simeon Simeonov joins the OpenGardens blog as a contributing blogger ..


After making it to the Top 20 wireless blogs worldwide according to Fierce Wireless and being syndicated on the W3C Mobile Planet , I am happy to announce one more significant development

The OpenGardens blog continues to attract the top talent worldwide and I am proud to welcome Simeon Simeonov as a contributing blogger on OpenGardens.

Sim is an ex-entrepreneur and the technology partner at Polaris Venture Partners -a tier one US VC.

(Other partners at Polaris include Dr Bob Metcalfe – the creator of Ethernet and hence the Internet)

Sim is a good friend and also one of the most approachable Tier One VCs I have met.

He runs his own blog and we share many views and thoughts on the industry. I have always valued his insights and I am sure you will gain value as well.

He has also agreed to give feedback (either in public or private) to concepts in the mobile, online and digital media spaces.

Note that this is personal feedback and is not in any way a formal endorsement /solicitation/ relationship by Sim or by Polaris.

Please email me an exec summary or presentation that can be shared with Sim and potentially a handful of other trusted experts I work regularly with at ajit.jaokar at

Responses may be slow but we promise to get back to you!

I wondered .. Why do VCs blog? One often finds many advisors/matchmakers and a whole motley crew of intermediaries blogging .. but a true blue VC from a Tier One VC is a rare exception(and even happier that he is blogging at OpenGardens :) )

I think the reasons are many – but Sim truly likes to share information, he lives in the Web 2.0 world and he enjoys the interaction of ideas at the cutting edge.

Like me, he is also a great believer in Mobility and the OpenGardens blog spans readers from both Web 2.0 and Mobility and also in Europe and North America.

So, this is an ideal home for Sim.

Please join me in welcoming Sim.