My 2007 resolution: Living a truly mobile life ..


My 2007 resolution is: To live a truly ‘mobile’ life

The basic idea is to use the phone as much as possible and reduce my dependence on the PC. So, to do this, I will identify a series of services and then try and see if I can use them on the phone (for instance booking train tickets, booking cinema tickets, read etc). Within reason of course!

What ‘services’ can you think of which can be used (and also sites which you recommend)?

I am using a Blackberry from Vodafone and a Nokia N73 as part of the 3 X series connection (hence fixed price network for 3).

That’s my main motivation i.e. given that a service is fixed price, how many can I use?

Thoughts and web sites welcome (even your own). Happy to blog about it and link back to you

Image source: warhawks