Letter to Santa ..


By Dr Paddy Byers


Here’s one for the marketeers ..

Today I took delivery of my (7 year-old) daughter’s Xmas list; I assume she thought I needed to pre-process it before passing it on. There were some things on there that could be quite tricky to fulfill – eg a baby sister - but this caught my eye:

A mobile phone (Nokia if possible).

Now, none of her peers have a phone, and I don’t think anyone she knows has a Nokia. So how come she wants one?

I can only imagine it is down to Nokia’s current high profile marketing campaign associated with the X Factor (a TV talent contest un the UK like American Idol, including Simon Cowell). The campaign is ostensibly aimed at music lovers (with the tagline “Love your music, love your Nokia) but it is obviously having a wider impact, and is taking advantage of the very broad (and highly engaged) audience to build brand awareness with a completely new constituency.

The show and the campaign are unusually well-matched to one another – there are many cases where the link between the sponsor and the show is tenuous at best – but I have to say I’m surprised at the impact. Congratulations to the marketeers if it really is down to this.

The other thing that puzzled me: “… if possible”. Why only “if possible”? I always thought Santa could get hold of anything, especially seeing as he will pass right by Espoo en route from Lapland to the UK.

Well .. Christmas is in the air as you can see!