I got my 3 X series phone (Nokia N73)


As per my previous post about the three X series phone, I got my 3 X series phone (Nokia N73) – including the slingbox.

Even before I bought it(rather upgraded) my existing connection, a couple of interesting observations.

Firstly, the X-series is not available in other retail stores (such as Carphone warehouse). It is only available in 3’s own stores. This is an increasing trend with both Vodafone and

Orange dropping other retail outlets in favour of their own stores . 3 is also

following trend that by keeping it’s best deals at its own stores – (and few would doubt that the 3 X series deal is one of the best deals in the market at the moment). I had pointed to the wider implications of this trend in an earlier post Why has the mobile entertainment industry suddenly discovered User Generated Content?

That said, it was not easy to find a ‘3’ store even from their own site. The ‘store finder’ simply returns a whole bunch of stores and it is not possible to know which store is a ‘3’ store (hence where I can get the X series phone). (It seems this problem is now being fixed on the web site)

Worse, the 3 help desk woman kept redirecting me to the ‘Harrow on the hill’ carphone warehouse (the closest to my postcode). Ofcourse, that was no good for the X series.

So, I have finally got my phone now from the Oxford Circus store – watch this space!