Experiences of Mobile podcasting?

Do you have experience of a service like melodeo ?

We are about to launch a video and audio podcasting service. As expected, we will have a mobile focus in addition to serving a web audience i.e. our podcasts (audio and video ) would be available on the web as well as the mobile phone

In Europe, practically the only network capable of actually deploying a mobile podcast is three (due to the priceplan issues)

Hence, I am interested in understanding

a) Do you use a service like melodeo? see the mobilcasting blog for more insights

b) If so, for what podcasts

c) do you have a fixed price plan

d) Do you use video podcasts

e) Any other experiences about mobile podcasting welcome

kind rgds



  1. Ari says:

    I’m a heavy consumer of podcasts and have actually tried out several methods of downloading them to my phones.
    Video podcasts are a totally different user experience and value proposition to audio podcasts. You can listen to podcasts while doing something else, but you have to watch a video podcast, which essentially makes a video podcast a TV show.
    My research for the book “Cnet Do-It-Yourself camera and music phone projects” pointed me to Mobilcast, Nokia Podcasting and Smartfeed.
    Also earlier,when I reviewed a few podcast applications (http://www.avecmobile.com/index.php?id=812), I still liked Melodeo. However, for heavy users like me, it’s not the right tool. The audio quality is poor and you can’t pick up the feed you want. Six months after the review, I find myself using Nokia Podcasting or just copying files to a memory card if I’m using a Windows phone.