Dean Bubley’s review of Mobile Web 2.0

Dean Bubley posted a review of my book Mobile Web 2.0 some time back but I had yet to link back to it.

It’s a mixed review but it’s a great to get a review from someone like Dean whose views I truly admire, especially because there are very few people in the industry who understand both the business and the technology aspects of Mobile Web 2.0.

So, many thanks Dean!

An except below but read the full review on Dean’s blog

Overall, the book is a good starting point, and you can use it to generate your own divergent trains of thought. It catalysed my thought process on how mobile mashups could work in reality, for example – if you start with 2 GB of initial mapping data on a memory card, and just “top up” over the network where necessary, and add additional variables generated both locally and through the network.

Bottom line on the book: Read it as a backgrounder, and as a starting point for what what might occur, if awkward realities didn’t get in the way. Don’t buy into the hype around Web 2.0 being the panacea for mobile communications for everyone, but pick & choose which bits you believe are feasible. Then look for niches where the problems don’t matter, or invent solutions to fix the issues raised.


  1. Lee Gilbert says:

    Just finished chunking Ajit and Tony’s book into a wiki for use in place of a textbook by students in my course, “Electronic and Mobile Commerce,” taught at Nanyang Business School in Singapore.
    My hope is that this material, along with other Web 2.0 features of the course such as building their own streaming video elevator pitches to publish as podcasts, will provide a more dynamic learning experience.
    Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without Ajit’s willingness to share the material. Even so, I’m not sure I realized how much work would be needed to create coherent chunks from a linear text. It will be interesting to see what the students, who have full editing priveleges, will do with it. Any predictions?